Ferry Smith (Director Public Affairs, ANWB)

‘During the last six years, I have had the pleasure of working with Oskar, including in the elections of the Independent Car Company of the Year. During the often complex assessment and selection of various companies, I have come to know Oskar as someone with a keen analytical ability who is perfectly capable of making considerations from a broader, overarching interest without losing sight of relevant details. His knowledge and experience about the organisational aspects of companies and his sense of proportion have proved to be of immense value in this respect.

Oskar is a pleasant person to work with. A ‘people person’ who appreciates the importance of the individual in the context of a company. He has broad interests which he has managed to turn into an equally broad area of expertise. His knowledge of the automotive field has proved to be a valuable element in the discussions we have had together.’

Ferry Smith

Director Public Affairs, Royal Dutch Touringclub ANWB