Enno van Vaalen (Dealer Development Consultant, Hyundai Motor Netherlands bv)

‘At the behest of Greenib Car B.V./Hyundai Motor Netherlands B.V., Oskar has supported a number of Hyundai dealers for several years in the improvement of their organisations in the areas of planning, management, business processes and working methods.

His approach is characterised by a razor-sharp analysis of the functioning of the company and its employees. This analysis, summarised in a clear and structured report, formed the basis for an intensive coaching project in which I, together with Oskar, motivated and encouraged the various directors/owners and their employees to change and, above all, improve their organisation, processes and working methods. As part of this, Oskar did not shy away from questioning the personal performance of the people involved or from confronting individuals with their actions and their consequences. However, the focus on the human side of these matters was never lost.

We have achieved demonstrable results in various processes at a number of Hyundai dealers, as a result of which these companies performed significantly better in terms of service, returns and customer satisfaction. By improving the internal processes, working methods and collaboration, employee satisfaction and therefore their loyalty to the company and the Hyundai brand also increased.

I have found the cooperation with Oskar to be very pleasant and certainly instructive. His extensive knowledge and experience in the (car) business world, and his approach and working method in change and improvement processes, still help me in the guidance of our dealers. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend Oscar if you are looking for support in the growth, change and optimisation of your company and employees.’