Cor Baltus (CEO PartsPoint Group)

‘Within the PartsPoint Group, Oskar Bronsgeest worked on an interim basis for Brezan Automaterialen for 3.5 years. He worked within the sales team as regional manager of different regions (10-20 branches). Organisation-wide, he set up an integration team to guide our local acquisitions in a practical way. Oskar focused in particular on the merging and cooperation of the new teams to be formed at the sites, in total more than 30 locations. Oskar was also involved in the roll-out of our Kentekenloket.

As a member of the various teams, Oskar has contributed to the professionalisation of our organisation and to making acquisitions run as smoothly as possible, something that is always a difficult exercise. Attention for the ‘soft side’ of organisational change was in safe hands with Oskar, who was characterised as a ‘people person’.

I previously worked together with Oskar at Kia MNL (he was a partner at W&D at the time). I got to know him as a very knowledgeable management consultant. Especially good at listening, asking the right questions and showing a lot of patience with the inclusion of managers and entrepreneurs while implementing changes. It’s clever to be able to empathise so deeply with the material on the one hand and to provide support during the implementation but still allow the manager to do it in his or her own way’.