Organisational change

Implementation customer journey (Toyota dealer)

From product-oriented work to establishing the journey that the customer makes in and around the company as the central focus.

This starts with determining together what the interest is and whether we all have a corresponding interest. In team sessions, we determined what was required, both in ‘things’ and in ‘collaboration’. 

A lot of time and energy went into the cooperation, persevering and learning with and from each other. Feedback sessions, overdue maintenance in the team, work meetings, and crash meetings were all part of this process where we occasionally went back to the start line: “Do we really want this, and what effect will our behaviour have?”

In the end, a lot has changed. The team became more of a team where “(very) old grievances” were laid to rest, processes were redefined, and some people left the company because they would not or could not participate. Eventually, the director and his employees found a new connection.

In the end it turned out to be an organisational journey.

Integration of acquired companies (PartsPoint Holding/Brezan Automaterialen)

Guiding an acquirer in the project-based approach to takeovers and in particular the (practical) integration.

The importance of proper integration was significant, both commercially and process-wise and in the area of personnel. After setting up the project team with professionals in the field of logistics, IT, HR, marketing and design, I dealt with the integration of the employees in terms of conditions and working methods, but also coaching, providing and developing support, and guidance for the grieving process that was a result of releasing the old organisation.

A total of 35 teams and locations were integrated over a period of 3.5 years.

In-depth recalibration of collaboration within team (An independent car company)

An ongoing process. The initial question of the entrepreneur is to streamline the processes in the company. Processes are essential in view of the low yield and the high risk of failure costs.

But it becomes clear that there is more to it in this family business. Mutual relationships seem good, but frustration and incomprehension have built up over the course of many years and have never been expressed. This prevents the company from expanding, which means that the risk of discontinuity is now (visibly) high.

Interim consultancy & management

Interim Commercial & Operational Regional Manager (Brezan Automaterialen, PartsPoint)

In the period between 2013 – 2016 I worked in four regions (South-West, Central, North-West, North). The scope involved a total of around 30 branches with an annual turnover of € 60 million.

Interim Company Director (Dealer holding in Central Netherlands)

I have twice managed a dealer holding, with a total of four branches and an annual turnover of € 15 million. The first time the assignment was to continue the business, the second time the assignment involved the reorganisation of both staffing as well as commercial performance and processes.

Manager Car Companies (Dealer holding in Central Netherlands)

For three years, I have been in charge of a dealer holding. Within the MT, also consisting of the CEO, the CFO and a lease manager, I was responsible for the sales and service, the HRM and marketing of this company which had six branches in total.