What about change?

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Carpe diem

“Letting time do its work.”

That, I think, is a nice statement. It makes me think. It spurs me into action. It makes me feel that I am alive.

Tomorrow begins today, for instance. Or, carpe diem. But also “don’t delay Oskar”, a well-worn piece of advice from which I draw inspiration. And furthermore of course that a moment can last a lifetime. Or that doing nothing can be more productive than doing something.

Thinking, doing and experiencing.

Three elements that are an essential part of (organisational) change. But to my taste and insight not always in the right order, or not always complete – particularly experiencing gets left out sometimes. And with the still remarkable division in practice between those who think (management) and who then do (the rest); also in that order by the way.

Time to change that?


Thinking. The coming years are all about thinking. Of course through my scientific research at the VU University Amsterdam and my role within the Ooa.

Doing. Doing research is hard work. Writing, publishing, conducting business research, holding interviews. To this, I link teaching and thesis guidance.

Experiencing.  Doing research can be heart work too. Eureka moments and setbacks alternate. Sharing knowledge is enjoying. Creating knowledge is sometimes lonely.

& Practice

In my opinion, organisational advice and scientific research cannot exist without each other. The one feeds the other, and vice versa. That way, the world for change agents and participants will eventually become a bit better. That is my fundamental conviction and motivation.

I like to help people in organisations with change. Thinking, doing and experiencing together.

Time for change! What about change?